Python fmod ex bindings

These bindings allow you, the developer, to use the feature rich fmod ex sound library in python. You can use almost any feature which is provided in fmod ex.

Development repository moved to github

The development has been movet to github for mainly accessibility and sourceforge interface complexities reasons. The new repositori is Here." I promise that there will not be any change in repository url if things will not go wrong there too.

Simple example of usage

Now, when you want to use this library, it's time to show you some basic usage. Following script plays two of the standard windows sound files.
import pyfmodex
system = pyfmodex.System()
snd1 = system.create_sound(r"c:\windows\media\notify.wav")
snd2 = system.create_sound(r"c:\windows\media\town.mid")
This script uses default output and default sound cart, but these settings may be changet before calling System.init() by setting the output and driver properties respectively.

Current status

Now, we're in state of alpha releases which don't implement the full desired api and may have some bugs. In the official release i expect that every function of fmod ex will have some kind of python variant if this is doable in ctypes and the api looks pythonic or almost pythonic.

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